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Our philosophy is simple:

To create easy-to-use data management systems that allow our clients to run their business in a way that suits their own vision and values.

To this end, we advocate customising solutions that fit close to 100% of your vision, rather than trying to find off-the-shelf systems to suit close to 80%. Our experience with off-the-shelf or boxed software solutions is that they are either cheap, but do not get even close to mirroring your business needs, or they are very expensive and require more staff and very rigid process changes to ‘fit into’ the way the software works.

We work in a co-operative approach where both developer and client build a system in a partnership of learning and professional development, sharing ideas to achieve outcomes that reach beyond the stated aims of the project.

Our financial expectation is that each business or organisation will achieve a return on their investment within 18 months.

We Use Filemaker for all our customised solutions. Why? Because its one of the worlds biggest selling database applications, and it is both Mac and Windows cross platform compatible (even in a dual platform network). For more information on FileMaker, click the link below


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Developing FileMaker Databases for over 25 years

BlueWing Development


We will come to your site, examine your processes and documentation and discuss a solution that helps you streamline your business.

If we happen to have developed similar systems for other clients, we can provide these to you at a reduced rate whilst still keeping the solution open for customisation.

Phone Adrian:    0403 233 412

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We have developed customised database solutions for a wide range of markets and applications. This includes solutions for

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